FL COVID-19 Cases Pass 9,500, Demand For Last Will & Testaments Rises

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Florida has passed the 9,500 marker and the death toll is now at 163 (with 13 of the latest 19 deaths being in South Florida.) This is pretty scary. That makes Florida the 6th state overall leading with positive Coronavirus cases.

With so many laws and local regulations changing and the uncertainty of what's to come, the Miami Herald is reporting that there's been a spike in demand for last wills and testaments. "Lawyers are being bombarded..."

“We are seeing a tidal wave, at least a doubling in the volume of calls and inquiries,” said Miami lawyer Bruce Stone. “Clients who thought they could delay this item on their to-do list are now in panic mode and want it finalized immediately.”

Joshua Rosenberg, a partner at Kelley Kronenberg in Plantation put it this way:

“Because of coronavirus, people have come to the abrupt conclusion that they cannot procrastinate. You could be infected and very quickly find yourself in a life or death situation.”

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