Floyd Mayweather Daughter Arrested For Stabbing NBA Youngboy Fiance

Hey listen.. I get it. Times are tough in love and quarantine, but this is actually ridiculous. Floyd Mayweather's daughter Yaya is on her way to eating bologna sandwiches for a few weeks if she doesn't get her sh*t together. Looks like she stabbed NBA Youngboy's fiance after they got into a fight at his mansion.

I never understood fighting for a boyfriend or girlfriend. I think we can all agree that if your 'significant other' is seeing someone else, you're kinda S.O.L. So fighting, stabbing, wrestling, etc. probably won't do much at that point.

Best to just walk away, but it's easier said than done for some people. My question is.. if your dad is a world class fighter.. why does she need to take out a knife? You would think that Yaya Mayweather would have some hands. First of all, I would never fight anyone with the name Yaya. I feel like Yaya's grew up taking kids lunch money.

If I was a betting man, I'd blame it on quarantine. Yaya was bored, snooping through NBA Youngboy's stuff, found out he was cheating, now it's bologna sandwich time for Yaya. All is rough in the world of Love and Quarantine.

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