Davie Police Chief On Leave, Alleged Homophobic Comments About Dead Officer

You'll recall last week we blogged about Officer Shannon Bennett – a Deputy Sheriff who tragically lost his life at 39 years-old following COVID-19 complications. To recap the story, CLICK HERE.

Sadly, things have gotten worse following this local law enforcement officer's untimely death. Several reports have surfaced claiming that Davie Police Chief Dale Engle held a patrol meeting where he belittled his staff and even (allegedly) told officers that Bennett passed away because he was "a homosexual who attended homosexual events."


According to NBC6, the National Fraternal Order for Police, one of the country's largest police unions, is calling for the investigation and removal of Engle:

According to the organization, Engle told members that Bennett had died because he was a "homosexual who attended homosexual events." They say Engle presumed it was because of Bennett's "homosexual" lifestyle that the Deputy contracted an underlying disease, which aggravated the virus. "[Members assumed] there was an attempt by the chief to minimize the concerns they had, the dangers they were facing, by using Deputy Bennett as an example," Florida's Fraternal Order of Police Chief of Staff, Mike Tucker, says.

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