Survey Reveals Many Didn't Know What Partner's Work Was Before Quarantine

Is it just us or is it getting harder to remember what life was like before we all got put in lockdown? Kissing your babe 'goodbye' then heading off to work to handle your biz... but maybe that's why apparently most Americans had no idea what their significant other does for work!

According to a survey by Virgin Media, 46% of people didn't know what exactly their partner's job was about prior to the Coronavirus quarantine. That went down to 22% now that we're all locked down with less privacy, working from home. The South Florida Reporter revealed:

The study also found since experiencing the 9-5 working day together, two-fifths of those polled think their partner’s job is demanding and 32 percent describe it as interesting. But one in five think it seems boring.

Having seen what they do, more than a third believe their loved one is really good at their job while 23 percent admitted they are more professional than they’d have expected. And 29 percent even admitted their other half works harder than them.

Mid-adult business couple working from home.

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