Despite Beaches Opening, Poll Finds Most Floridians Would Rather Stay Home

Though the viral pictures of dozens and dozens of people flocking to the reopened north Florida beaches say otherwise, it turns out most Florida voters are AGAINST loosening up the social distancing rules.

According to a poll by Quinnipiac University, 76% of Floridians (registered voters) feel the state should open back up when health officials deem it safe, not now!

"The state's stay-at-home order is scheduled to expire at the end of the month of April, but nearly three quarters of Floridians are not ready to drop their guard," said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Florida voters also do not expect the coronavirus crisis to end quickly:

  • 49 percent expect the crisis to last a few months;
  • 26 percent expect the crisis to last more than a year;
  • 18 percent expect the crisis to last a few weeks.

The poll also found that about half of Florida (53%) are pleased with how Governor DeSantis is handling the pandemic, though 6 out of 10 asked (61%) feel he should've responded sooner! And here's some more findings:

When asked who voters rely on most for accurate information about the coronavirus:

  • 62 percent of voters say public health officials;
  • 18 percent say President Trump;
  • 8 percent say Governor DeSantis;
  • 4 percent say "your mayor."

When asked who they rely on least for accurate information about the coronavirus:

  • 47 percent of voters say President Trump;
  • 21 percent say "your mayor;"
  • 13 percent say public health officials;
  • 8 percent say Governor DeSantis.

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