University Of Miami Students Are Suing Over Tuition Reimbursement

Some canes are upset with UM right now!

According to reports and legal documents, a class action lawsuit has been filed in South Carolina by Adelaide Dixon, a University Of Miami student who is claiming the school should refund tuition fees. The plaintiff explains in the documents that even though classes resumed online, she wants the money she paid to the school back because she (as well as all other students) don't have access to the things paid for, such as face-to-face instruction, access to campus facilities, and hands-on learning.

Jacqueline Menendez, vice president of communications for the University of Miami, told CNBC Make It this in a statement:

“The University of Miami continues to be committed to the health and safety of our community, providing a robust online learning environment, and proactively working with all of our students and their families to make it through this difficult time and for all of us to emerge stronger in the futureThe University is aware of the court filing and we will continue to monitor the situation. At this time, the University will not have any further comment since this involves pending litigation.”

President of the institution, Julio Frenk, shared a message with students about Fall 2020 semester on the official UM Instagram page.

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