Britney Spears Confesses To Fans She Burned Down Home Gym In Candle Mishap

Oops!!!!!!!!! ...she did it again.

Britney Spears posted a video to Instagram explaining to fans and followers how she managed to burn down most of her home gym and equipment. "It was an accident," she wrote in the caption. "I had two candles and, yeah, one thing lead to another..."

The purpose the of the video was to spotlight how she's making the most of her situation with just two pieces of equipment and one-sided mirror by doing more calisthenics. "I like working out better outside anyways," she confessed.

Reportedly, she really did "do it again" because this is her 3rd time causing an accidental candle fire. E! News published this back in 2002:

Britney spaced and forgot to snuff a candle. "Brit had left a candle burning in front of an air vent," Lynne Spears recounts. "The wall caught on fire, and the fire department had to come to put it out."

Billboard detailed the first incident:

"Spears' mother reveals that Britney's candle fetish sparked an earlier fire in the family's Louisiana home," the article reads, citing another candle incident. "Lynne Spears says her famous kid somehow set her bathroom aflame with a misplaced candle."

Hopefully this doesn't affect her conservatorship in a negative way!

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