News Anchors With Naked People In The Background Of Live Virtual Broadcast

Gotta take the good with the bad... or in this case, the serious with the funny! Lol.

While a lot of things have changed for the safety of citizens during the Coronavirus pandemic, most of it is something we've simply adapted to and understood won't be permanent. One thing we wish could be a fixture is bloopers of news anchors screwing up their live virtual broadcast with naked people in the background – comedy!

Recently, three news anchors – one in California, one in New York, and one in Spain – had some funny mishaps go down while on TV.

Good Morning America correspondent Will Reeves went live not wearing any pants. Viewers noticed immediately. He made light of the situation on his Twitter:

"Trying to be efficient, I got ready for a post-GMA workout a little too soon this morning. The camera angle, along with friends, family, and several hundred strangers on social media made me rethink my morning routine. Any sartorial tips from these people who are wearing a belt, trousers and shoes during their work video calls at home are most welcome. Now, back to work. Wearing pants."

But the next two stepped it up a notch!

California reporter Melinda Meza shared some beauty tips for viewers from her bathroom... WITH HER HUSBAND NAKED IN THE SHOWER! Lol. You know Twitter had a field day:

But nothing really tops Spain's Alfonso Merlos who was not naked, himself, but definitely had to have been just before the broadcast because a nude woman is seen walking right past the camera's view as he reported! The juicy part, it wasn't his girlfriend Marta Lopez (a Big Brother contestant) but instead turned out to be a fellow journalist "friend" Alexia Rivas. He explained that he and Marta were on "break" when he got cozy with Alexia, lol. Classic.

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