Eminem's Detroit Home Broken Into By 'Stan,' Wears Face Mask In Mugshot

The latest high profile celebrity dealing with a home invasion is rapper Eminem.

The situation wasn't as bad as Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti's robbery... it was more so along the lines of Kendall Jenner's break-in or even the crazed Rihanna fan who snuck in to sleep with her. Matthew David Hughes, 26, made his way past several levels of security and, according to TMZ, he used a paving stone to break the kitchen window just to meet his favorite rapper. He was even nice enough to wear a face mask, cause... you know... Corona. LOL!!!

We're told an alarm went off and it woke Eminem. Em got up and found the intruder in his living room. The intruder was detained and the guards came a-runnin' and grabbed the guy.

Police were called and rushed to the home ... Hughes was taken into custody and booked on charges of first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building -- both felonies.

Hughes is still being held on a $50k bond at the Macomb County Jail.

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