Ariana Grande And Mother Granted 5-Year Restraining Order From Obsessed Fan

Remember that creepy fan that showed up unexpectedly to Ariana Grande's place and got arrested 2 months ago? He officially can't come anywhere near Ari or her mom and can't reach out to her in any way either!

It was back in March when reports surfaced of Fidel Henriquez bypassing several security measures before rummaging through the "7 Rings" singer's garbage then knocking on the front door (very bold!) asking for her. A love letter with directions to her Los Angeles home was found on him when cops arrived. He was charged and booked with misdemeanor trespassing but during the arrest he spat on a cop so he wound up with a felony as well.

TMZ now reports he needs to legally stay the hell away, basically, until 2025:

A judge just signed off on a permanent restraining order for AG's mother, Joan-- which also extends to Ariana -- which will run through May 5, 2025. Under the order, Fidel Henriquez-- the man in question -- can't come within 100 yards of Joan's home, her vehicles ... and of course, her and Ariana. Basically, he's gotta stay the hell away.

The guy's also been instructed not to harass, threaten, intimidate or contact them in any other fashion -- which covers everything from written correspondence to phone calls as well as any form of electronic messages, including texts and social media DMs.

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