Auntie Anne's Offering Original & Cinnamon Bake At Home Pretzel Kits!

With a bunch our favorite non-essential businesses and shops closed, many of our pastimes are much missed! Remember stopping for a warm treat rushing to your next flight at the airport? Or, going to the mall to shop for clothes, and leaving stuffed with plenty of samples and of course, a pretzel? Unfortunately, shopping malls remain closed in South Florida, but you can still enjoy those mall-pretzels at home.

Auntie Anne’s is now selling Bake-At-Home kits online! If you’re not much of a baker or one to improvise in the kitchen, all the instructions and ingredients are included in the kits for fresh-baked pretzels in original and cinnamon sugar flavors. The kits will make you ten pretzels for about $20 bucks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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