Blue Angels To Fly Over South Florida Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon you might want to look up! It's a bird, it's a plane...well there will be lots of them. The United States Navy's Blue Angels will be flying over South Florida.

This is not just any regular flight either, they will be flying in formation to salute South Florida's healthcare workers, first responders, and frontline workers. Without all these amazing heros, the coronavirus pandemic would be so much worse.

So, here's the deets! On Friday (May 8th) starting at 1pm, they will take off and you'll be able to see them in Miami and then they will head West near I-75 and the Pembroke Pines area. Then, they will go North to the Palm Beach area. Check out the flight plan below.

While it'll be an amazing sight to see, don't forget to practice social distancing!

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