Hollywood Beach Broadwalk Will Reopen Next Week

With the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the state, local mayors are slowly beginning to ease up on previously set social distancing guidelines and orders currently in place. Public outside areas, marinas, docks and golf courses were first to test how South Floridians would handle returning to outside activities while practicing social distancing.

Also, according to governor Ron DeSantis’ re-opening plans, it is important for people to have outlets for exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

Miami Beach was first to re-open public parks and areas including one of its busier parks, South Pointe Park. Unfortunately, the park was closed the following week due to the lack of social distancing.

Earlier this week, the City of Hollywood announced the Broadwalk would reopen with limited hours on May 13th, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. The actual beach will be off limits.

In a recent interview, the city of Hollywood’s spokeswoman, Raelin Storey, told the Sun Sentinel the Broadwalk can be used for exercise. Additionally Storey added, “Hopefully, we get good compliance. We hope we can create an opportunity to exercise while still maintaining recommendations for social distancing, and it remains a safe activity. Compliance equals Broadwalk. Noncompliance means we have to look at shutting it down.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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