Uber Lays Off 3,500 Employees Via 3-Minute Zoom Calls

During pre-pandemic days Uber business was booming! Rideshare applications were responsible for safely getting people from city, to bar to airports and more. Following the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines, although the company provided an important service providing transportation to essential workers or people running essential errands, unfortunately, business drastically declined.

Unlike UberEats, where consumers can practice social distancing by staying home and ordering out, the closing of public spaces and gatherings has taken such a toll on the rideshare company, over 3,500 workers were laid off.

The layoffs occurred last week, prior the company made a statement saying ultimately 3,700 employees would be let go cutting almost 15 percent of the apps work force, but employees were upset as the news came in a three-minute Zoom call. The video, posted by the Daily Mail, surfaced this week.

“Today will be your last working day with Uber,” a company manager informed employees in the video phone call. She also said she was giving the devastating news in a video phone call because she “wanted to deliver this news personally”.

Some employees say they would have preferred a heads up, or more personal one-on-one phone call. “If I missed that Zoom call, I would have missed the news,” one employee added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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