Twitter Announces New Misleading COVID-19 Tweet Labels & Employee Updates

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting businesses worldwide, some companies have been forced to perform mass layoffs to compensate and narrow down its staff to recuperate. In Twitter’s case, when they sent out e-mails with major news to their employees yesterday, workers were thrilled with the workplace updates.

According to Buzzfeed News, Twitter offices unlikely will not be open to later in the year and all in-person events have been canceled. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told employees that many will be able to continue to work from home. This include post-pandemic and after at-home orders are lifted.

In addition to providing their staff with safe options to continue worker for the company, Dorsey also donated $15 million more for San Francisco coronavirus relief. His first large donation of $10 million was to the REFORM Alliance.

Updates are also being made to the social media platform. Yesterday, the company also announced labels are being created for misleading COVID-19 information.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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