Katy Perry Celebrates Pregnancy Body By Stripping Nude In New Music Video

Last time she released a video, we got the big news that she's expecting! And in her latest music video, mommy-to-be Katy Perry stepped it up a notch!

For the visuals in the "Daisies," Katy kept it simple. Glowing and radiant, she sings the song while standing wearing nothing but a white garb in the middle of the wilderness. As the splashes of the waterfall behind her continue to crash, she eventually bares all and strips completely nude, flaunting every centimeter of her pregnant form.

This will be she and Orlando Bloom's first child together.

As TMZ put it:

Katy says she wrote this song a couple of months ago "as a call to remain true to the course you've set for yourself, regardless of what others may think." She added that, recently, that took on a whole new meaning in light of the global pandemic we're all experiencing.

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