Anonymous NFL Player Suing Airline Claiming Sexual Harassment & Negligence

An anonymous NFL football player has filed a lawsuit against an airline claiming negligence, infliction of emotional distress, and more after he – referred to as John Doe 1 in the legal paperwork filed in February – was allegedly harassed and sexually assaulted by a woman who seemed to be under the influence. His witness, who's also a plaintiff in the docs – referred to as John Doe 2 in the papers – claims to have seen the woman take pills of some sort.

According to TMZ:

We reached out to the player's attorney in the case -- who would not confirm the NFLer's identity. The attorney, though, did issue a statement, saying, "Those who report assaults should not be ignored, but believed, their claims investigated and appropriate action taken where warranted."

So now we're left wondering... WHO COULD IT BE?

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