Miami Business Creates Masks Out Of Military Uniforms

Although its Memorial Day Weekend, one local Miami business has created merchandise to honor and help our nation's veterans. As a daughter of a U.S Navy veteran, I know just how complicated it can be for those who served and protected us to get the support they need.

Thankfully, there are people like, Joanis Duran, the Founder and Creative Director at Kalani and Wolf. She is making face masks that are prewashed and handmade from 100% upcycle military uniforms. Not only are the masks beautiful, but proceeds go towards military care packages. Joanis plans to send more than 400 care packages to those who are currently serving and veterans.

Kalani and Wolf have even received custom face mask orders from active members to add the branch emblem and soldiers' last name. The custom masks also work great for soldiers nurses who are on the frontlines helping patients heal from the COVID-19.

You can check out the face masks here.

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