Camila Cabello Opens Up About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms & More

OCD happens, and Camila Cabello is opening up about her own experience living with it!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or uncontrollable recurring thoughts or urges (compulsions) someone feels the need to repeat over and over, is something that many Americans live with and our hometown "Havana" songstress detailed her sentiments about OCD to the Wall Street Journal in an essay. On excerpt from the publication reads:

"My anxiety manifested in the form of obsessive compulsive disorder," she explained. "OCD can take many different forms, and for me it was obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. To put it simply, it made me feel like my mind was playing a cruel trick on me."

But the GRAMMY-award nominated singer revealed she's seeing brighter days:

"Today I am no longer in that internal war. I feel the healthiest and most connected to myself I’ve ever been, and nowadays I rarely suffer from OCD symptoms. Anxiety comes and goes, but now it feels like just another difficult emotion, as opposed to something that’s consuming my life."

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