Hurricane Season 2020 Has Officially Begun, How To Prepare

Congrats people of Florida! Welcome to June 2020, which basically means the 6th level of Jumanji this year – hurricane season!

Exactly... as if COVID-19 and racial injustice weren't enough to deal with right now along with unemployment and cabin fever, experts are saying we can expect an "above-normal" season with 13 to 19 storms named. It's predicted 6 to 10 of those will be hurricanes and of those, 3 to 6 will be major. NBC6 reports:

Forecasters said the combination of several climate factors is driving the strong likelihood for above-normal activity in the Atlantic this year. In addition to a lack of an El Niño, which usually results in stronger wind shear that can tear fledgling storms apart, sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean Sea are warmer than normal, forecasters said.

Last month's quick cameos from Tropical Storms Arthur and Bertha made 2020 the 6th consecutive year that storms pop up before the official June 1st beginning of hurricane season.

For more resources check this link out: HURRICANE SEASON

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