Beaches In Miami-Dade Will Open Wednesday, What To Expect

As the global COVID-19 pandemic exploded onto the shores of Florida, the first thing people immediately weren’t ready to let go of was the beach... but it’s finally back this week! Miami Beach Mayor told CBS Miami this:

“We are obviously going to be careful but we can not stayed closed forever. At some point, we needed to open and we are as prepared as we can be. The rules are simply. No groups of more than 10 and respect social distancing. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Close to 800 people have died in our county and we want to do whatever we can do to make sure that our economy will open up safely while practicing the best procedures. We have to do that. This is the only way to do this and keep people at work.”

Face masks are asked to be worn when social distancing is not possible and no pets allowed either, unless their service pets of course.

Also... no glass bottles, no liquor. BOOO!!!!!!!! Lol.

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