T-Mobile Customers Experience National Outage Issues, Twitter Reacts

In the early afternoon hours of Monday June 15th, 2020... the world got just a little more "2020" on us all.

For many T-Mobile customers, there were outages affecting phone calls and texts, as well as some data issues. The phone company's President of Technology even tweeted out an official apology:

The outages were so bad that even Verizon and AT&T customers thought they were affected but it turned out not to be the case:

While there were also smaller outage report spikes for Sprint (which has merged with T-Mobile), AT&T, Verizon (Engadget’s parent company) and US Cellular, the issue seems to be only on T-Mobile’s side. Spokespeople for AT&T and Verizon told Engadget their networks are working just fine.

Eventually the issues were solved:

Did you experience any issues? We love love love T-Mobile...but you know Twitter users had a ball with this one, of course! LOL.

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