Justin Bieber Accused Of Sexual Assault By Two Women, Tweets Response

Over the weekend, two women accused Justin Bieber of sexual assault. This is a serious accusation that should never be taken lightly, but of course there have been instances of women lying in order to get money and/or opportunities out of celebrities.

Well, the "Intentions" singer (as well as his team, specifically his rep Allison Kaye) basically claim the latter after addressing the allegations on Twitter.

The first woman to make a claim online goes by Danielle – she alleges Bieber forced himself on her in Austin, Texas during SXSW weekend back in March 2014. The other, Kadi, alleges escaping Bieber's hotel room before getting raped in an NYC hotel room following a meet-and-greet in 2015.

Bieber addressed Danielle, but Kadi contradicted herself after tweets surfaced of her saying she never even met Bieber.

Story developing...

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