'Karen' Baby Name Declining In Popularity, BabyNames.Com Blames Stereotype

If your family's having a baby girl soon, chances are you probably didn't think to name her Karen.

According to TMZ, popular website BabyNames.Com is reporting a steep decline in the popularity of the name 'Karen' due to its recent synonymity with racist, entitled, middle-aged white women calling the authorities and/or asking to speak to a manager.

Honchos at Babynames.com tell TMZ ... none of their millions of website users have added the name Karen to their favorite name lists in the past year, and over the past decade, they've seen a 75% decrease in popularity.

Karen is trending in the world of baby names, we're told, but for all the wrong reasons ... babynames.com says it's seen a 10-fold increase in searches for the meaning behind the name, but expectant parents are running for the hills.

I mean, just check out what a completely different Baby Names site categorized 'Karen' under – MOM NAMES! Lol... check out the comment an ACTUAL Karen wrote under the post! LOL.

See? It's a real thing lately... no wonder the name is not popular for little girls being born in today's world.

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