NFL Teams 'Interested In Colin Kaepernick' For QB Says Mike Silver

The NFL Network's plugged-in reporter, Mike Silver, claims Colin Kaepernick will most likely make a big comeback soon as "multiple teams are interested in signing him as QB." The only issue guessed it: CORONA! Camps are just getting ready to open back up for training. TMZ reported:

"Colin Kaepernick, who has not played since 2016, finds himself in the same situation that Cam Newton and Jadeveon Clowney do," Silver said, "which is a team that would be ready to sign him would want to work him out."

So far, no date on when free agent auditions will be held, but training camps are set to get back up and running July 28th so a comeback is near, for sure!

Here's Mike touching on the Kaep dilemma last year:

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