Florida Man Clings To Hood Of Semi Truck On I-95, Caught On Camera

This story is the epitome of "oh God, not us again."

A FLORIDA MAN was caught on camera clinging to the hood of a big rig on I-95 and the craziest thing is the trucker didn't stop. Instead, the driver of the semi truck kept accelerating and jerking the steering while as a way to get the man off the vehicle.

TMZ eventually got details on how and why this incident occurred the way it did:

The driver, Edward Hughes, tells TMZ ... this dude hopped onto the interstate bloodied and frantic, waving for the truck to stop ... which Hughes says he did. Once he did that, Hughes claims the guy latched onto his hood and started using a metal object on his windshield.

Hughes says he panicked and hit the gas, trying to shake the man off ... as he was successfully breaking through the glass. Hughes got some shots of the damage, and it looks like this fella was hacking away during the mayhem, and broke through a bit too.

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