Miley Cyrus Making Sobriety 'Long-Term Lifestyle,' Will Release Music Soon

"MILEY! What's gooooood?"

Her new sober life is what's good! According to sources, the "Malibu" singer is going to make her clean-living a "long-term lifestyle." This decision to let go of booze and drugs happened after her vocal chord surgery late last year, and is assisted by her new boo Cody Simpson. Sources also claim he's been a big part of her sobriety:

"Miley's sobriety has made her very present in her relationship. Her decision to be sober has changed the way she thinks about life. She would describe herself as a believer in this new way of life and is looking to make sobriety a long-term lifestyle. She's thrilled to be getting back to work on her new album and she is really proud to share songs that have personal meaning to her."

Ready for new Miley music? Here's a tease...

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