Taylor Swift & Beyoncé's Former Tour Buses Available As Mobile Hotels

If you've got an extra $2,000 laying around and a few friends down to share in the luxury, you gotta check out the Hemphill Brothers' RVs.

At the top of the year they had bookings ready to go for big names such as Cher and Post Malone... "BUT CORONA"... so they've switched up their business model and these tour buses – once used by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and more – are available to the public as mobile hotels.

The buses boast one queen bed, six bunk beds, two baths, a full kitchen, and even WiFi plus a personal driver... all starting at around 2 Grand per night. Insider reports:

"Down the road, it will open up, and music will be back, and people may feel safe to fly to Europe again, but right now, it's this unique opportunity. Usually, these types of vehicles are on the road with rock n' roll or country music stars. Right now, these RVs are available, and instead of going to Europe, you can experience the United States." 

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