Adele: Jamaican Bikini Top & Bantu Knots, Accused of Culture Appropriation

"HELLOOO," Adele... what were you thinking?

Well, in her defense, we follow the British singer and we don't think she meant any harm, but Adele is the latest white celebrity accused of cultural appropriation on social media. The multi-award winning artist posted a picture in celebration of London's Notting Hill Carnival wearing a Jamaican bikini top and rocking bantu knots. Obviously tensions are super high during this time with so many protests and think-pieces in regard to black lives not being treated fairly or equal so it was expected this reaction would occur.

But as we said, if you follow her, you know she's genuinely sweet and probably didn't mean harm. So far she hasn't deleted the pic or addressed the hate. (Mind you, there are several fans who thanked her for celebrating and bringing light to their culture on such a massive platform.)

What are your thoughts on this latest pic of bikini-bod Adele?

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