Channing Tatum Promotes Children's Book With Awkward Shirtless Picture

While a lot of people ended up twiddling their thumbs during quarantine, some people made the best of their time and tapped into their talents; Channing Tatum is one of those people!

The "Step Up" actor ended up writing a children's book after locking himself in his daughter's room. In an effort to promote the book – which is set for a summer 2021 release – he posted a picture of himself adorned in child-like gear pretending to read the book with a stuffed unicorn. The problem is... as if the fairy wings, barely-there apron covering very little of his technically sexy physique, and glammed out sleeping mask weren't enough to make you semi-uncomfortable... if you look real close, he's actually only using the sleeve of the book and not the actual book!

Twitter users called him out instantly, LOL.

We're hoping he did this on purpose since no copy has been printed yet; we assume only the cover art is complete at this time. Either way... very awkward, LOL.

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