16 Y/O Junior at South Miami High Arrested For Orchestrating Cyber Attacks

Back to school, Miami-Dade... and this time, for real!

The Miami-Dade Schools Police launched an investigation into the cyber attacks that held student and teachers back from getting their work done all week and an arrest was made Thursday morning. An IP address was traced and they found that David Oliveros, 16, a junior at South Miami High School, was the one who orchestrated the cyber attacks. Also in on the investigation... the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement! WHEW... he's in troubbblleeeeeee.

Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho said:

“It is disheartening that one of our own students has admitted to intentionally causing this kind of disruption, however, I am confident that the M-DCPS family will continue to show its resilience and commitment to education, in the face of adversity.”

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