Cardi B's 2 Year-Old Kulture Passes Hal-Million Follower Mark In One Day

In this day and age, celebrity babies aren't just inheriting their parents' wealth, but their social media success as well.

Migos rapper Offset and Cardi B's 2-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari has already (easily) surpassed half-million followers after just opening an Instagram page one day ago. The pictures and videos mama Cardi – who is the admin of the profile – has posted so far are real adorable and funny, as well.

This celeb baby is approaching Chris Brown's daughter's level of IG success really quickly. Royalty Brown recently celebrated her 1 Millionth follower. Being that "social media is king" in this era – an avenue to profit off of when used correctly – it's evident these ladies already have their branding set in motion.

We're sending out good vibes to baby Kulture who's currently caught right in the middle of pop culture's most recent headline divorce. 💕🙏

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