Miami-Dade Curfew Goes Back Into Effect Following One Weekend Not Enforced

In and out, all in the blink of an eye!

Miami-Dade County is back under the 12AM curfew following one weekend of local businesses not being enforced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is coming after a county judge, Honorable Beatrice Butchko, sided with strip club/restaurant Tootsie's citing that the curfew conflicted with Florida Governor RonDeSantis's phase 3 orders.

A spokesperson for the club stated:

"The only thing Tootsie’s sought was the ability to operate its normal hours (12 PM to 6 AM), which it now can do, so its employees and entertainers can make a living. Tootsie’s continues to take seriously Covid-related safety measures and urges others to do so."

Unfortunately for the employees who thought they were going to finally be able to start bringing money back in, an appellate court allowed the county to enforce its 12AM curfew until the injunction in question comes to a final decision legally.

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