Coral Springs Police Officer Suspended Following Anti-Mexican Viral TikTok

A Coral Springs Police Officer is off-duty for 2 weeks following a complaint about an offensive video he uploaded to TikTok. The officer, Sergeant Gilbert Monzon, claimed the posts were meant to be satirical but the internal investigation found the videos to be quite troublesome.

There were two clips Monzon, a Cuban, was responsible for – the first re-enacted the scene from South Park where Cartman is "scanning for Mexicans" and the second contained audio which included lyrics about Trump sending immigrants "back home."

NBC6 reports:

He also said that although he had created the videos, he had not intentionally made them public, and said that his kids must have made them public while playing with his account the following day.

"Both videos disparage the plight of Mexicans in the United States," the internal affairs investigation concluded. "The audio tract in the first video mocks border agents scanning for Mexicans, and in the second video it's making light of the U.S. President sending Mexicans back to Mexico."

Check out the original South Park clip below, as well as some other "scanning for Mexican" example posts that most likely inspired the officer to post his.

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