Post Malone Reveals Drake Is Terrible At Beer Pong, Challenges To Rematch

We've always thought "Drake is someone who's just good at everything" but here comes Post Malone to burst that bubble! Turns out the Canadian rapper is pretty bad at beer pong, LOL...

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, award-winning artist Post Malone revealed Drake isn't that great at pong, but he would want to have a match with him once again, though! He also mentioned how Kevin Durant is good, but technically a cheater cause his arms are so long and his elbows usually pass the table edge.

You'll recall earlier this year, Posty teamed up with other celebs to deliver a charity beer pong event. Now this week, 8 months later, the "Sunflower" singer has registered to trademark World Pong League and will be streaming live matches to fans who are interested in seeing who will be crowned the king or queen in this 16-celebrity tournament.

Will you be tuned in?

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