It's Official, Dan & Shay Can Drink More Tequila Than ALL Of Us

Gotta be honest.. when I heard I'd be interviewing Dan & Shay, I was genuinely excited because if there's one thing I know we have in common.. it's TEQUILA! The 3 of us live and die by tequila, which is a blessing and a curse (probably more of a curse).

Dan's hair is an absolute staple. My girl begged me to ask him which products he uses, didn't have the balls to ask that question, but we touched on it in a round about way. We learned some really important things about this duo in the 18 mins we sat down:

#1 Shay can drink Dan under the table any day of the week. Sounds like Shay was an absolute animal in college.. I respect it.

#2 Dan's hair should never be cut, unless he donates it to locks of love and promises to grow it back out.

#3 Shay's kid sitting on his lap at the end of the interview melted everyone's heart.. including mine (and I'm borderline heartless).

I walked away from this interviewing wanted to shot gun a Bud Light while singing 'Tequila' as loud as I can in my house. As a matter of fact, those are my plans tonight in case anyone wants to join.


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