Ryan Reynolds Uses Clip Of Taylor Swift's First Re-Recording In 'Match' Ad

Taylor Swift – the queen of symbolism.

In the latest advertisement for Match.com, satan "matches" with the year 2020 and, naturally, havoc ensues. As the pair paint the town red, for lack of better words, a clip of Taylor's "Love Story" plays in the background, but it's not the original. You might recall T-Swift is in a legal battle with former manager Scooter Braun who now owns the masters to her first 6 albums and so she was left twitch no choice but to re-record all those songs.

What's more funny is, at the 1:14 marker, you'll notice there's a broken "scooter" next to the burning dumpster where you can see graffiti of the number '6' on the wall. Definitely some metaphoric work there.

What do you think of the ad?

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