Macaulay Culkin, Fans Petitioning For 'Home Alone 2' Trump Cameo Removal

Donald Trump has received quite the backlash throughout his presidency, but not more than he has these past few weeks following his loss in the U.S. elections. He's basically on A LOOOT of people's s**t list right now... but you know you REALLY f'ed up when you're being petitioned to be removed from a classic American movie.

Many years back, before he was a president and was mostly known for his business dealings and rich status, Trump made a cameo in Home Alone 2. Well now, fans are wanting his appearance completely removed and what's crazier is... Macaulay Culkin himself, star of the film, publicly sided with fans pushing this agenda.

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all deciding to ban Trump from the web until at least after 01/20, who knows what his reply would be!

Some fan went as far as even doing the editing him/herself. Check it out below, LOL...

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