Ke$ha Reveals Demi Lovato Inspired Her To Meditate To Channel Aliens

While last year may have been COVID year, we're betting this year will be alien year! Just take Ke$ha for example, she's following Demi Lovato's lead now and using meditation as a way to channel extraterrestrial beings.

We wish we were joking, LOL... she told ET this:

"I loved the conversation we had because... there were a couple books she mentioned and an app she mentioned that I immediately downloaded," Kesha says of Demi. "... [I told my family,] 'All I want for Christmas is for us all to meditate and try to channel extraterrestrials.' And they're like, 'OK.'"

"I'm like trying to get all my friends and family into meditating the aliens to us. It's my new hobby because of Demi Lovato," she adds.

And actually, she's even started a podcast all about it – Kesha and the Creepies. Check it out:

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