Man Busted Robbing Grave Lights in Frostproof

FROSTPROOF -- A Fort Meade man is accused of taking the lights placed at the gravesite of a man who died in a murder last year.

Damion Tillman was one of three people murdered on a fishing trip in Frostproof last July. His parents reported that the solar lights at his gravesite at the Evergreen Cemetery were removed. They then placed new lights and a surveillance camera. Around 11:15 on January 25th, they observed someone removing the lights and taking off in a red pickup. They called 911 and gave a detailed description.

Deputies say they pulled over 45-year-old Kevin Wheeler, who told them he had an interest in gravesite lights and removed them "because he thought they were pretty."

The stolen lights from Damion’s gravesite, along with 5 additional solar lights, were found in the bed of Wheeler’s pick-up truck.

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd called the crime "abhorrent."

Wheeler has been released on $1250 bond. The sheriff's office says his prior record includes grand theft and vehicle theft. He received a court marital by NCIS for making a bomb threat.

Photo Credit: PCSO