Cardi, Doja & Ari All Have Online Challenges, Have You Attempted Any Yet?

In the era of streaming music and few instances of live shows (due to the pandemic), we've been conditioned at this point to entertain ourselves online. One thing that hasn't gone out of style yet, and in fact seems to be growing in popularity, is dance challenges!

And with the arrival of a new Internet craze, you better believe "influencers" and celebrities, alike, partake and promote the thing until it's flooded your timeline. Some challenges we've seen lately feature music from some ladies we love to play on-air on Y100.

Doja Cat's song "Streets" is used in the #SilhouetteChallenge which is where you basically just show yourself hanging out in casual wear, then BOOM! The darkness falls, the red light comes on, and the person does a sexy dance to accentuate their silhouette. Some got more creative than others, and honestly... those are the best, LOL.

For Ariana Grande's #3435Challenge, fans do the same floor routine Ari did in her music video... which isn't the easiest routine if you don't have a split mastered. Good luck and remember to stretch if you're attempting this one!

Finally, for the more choreography-prone fans... there's Cardi B's #UpChallenge. The lyrics are pretty explicit so press play at your own risk. But anyway, WOW... you gotta have endurance to pull this one off!

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