Car Slams Into Miami-Dade YouFit, We Suck At Driving In Miami

So yeahhhhh we're not the best drivers here in Miami, that's a well known fact.. or is it?

I run into people down here all the time that either come down to get away from their ice cold hell-hole of a city to soak in our sun during winter. Or to stare at beautiful people walking along South Beach. Regardless of why they're here, they all say the same thing: "people talk about Miami being the party capitol of the world with world class weather, but they don't tell you about #1 the traffic #2 the fact that NO ONE CAN DRIVE!"

It's not even something I can argue. I can talk my way out of someone trashing my Dolphins.. "we're rebuilding". I can fight back when tourists bitch about the heat.. "your city's too cold". But the fact that people just cannot drive in South Florida is something that I cannot explain... and to be fair, I'm a nightmare of a driver myself.

Not sure where I was going with this, but, to the tourists out there.. enjoy our weather and beaches here in Miami, but remember when you get into that Uber to grab the 'oh shit' handle.


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