Demi Lovato Reveals Drug Overdose Led To A Heart Attack & Brain Damage

Demi Lovato has always been a reserved sort of celebrity... if you got ahold of her business it's cause you were looking too hard.

Now the pop star is opening up like she never has before with a 4-part docu-series on her life called ‘Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil.’ It’ll follow Lovato’s journey that resulted in her near-fatal overdose in 2018 and we're sure it’ll make you emotional, Lovatics! Just this week, while promoting the series (which will premiere exclusively on YouTube next month) Demi admitted and revealed she has been dealing with brain damage ever since that tragic 2018 night.

“I was left with brain damage. I still deal with the effects. I don't drive a car. I have blind spots on my vision. For two months [after the overdose], I had a hard time reading because my vision was so blurry.”

Check out more below...

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