Oprah Interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle For Bombshell CBS Interview

When's the last time you made $7 Million for 2 hours?

The iconic Oprah Winfrey pitched her 2-hour interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to CBS and it got picked up domestically and internationally for a big, fat check.

In the bombshell conversation, basically most of the "royal tea" was spilled... It was revealed that racist concerns about the couple's son Archie were raised by some Royals. Meghan admitted to contemplating suicide. And so many other interesting details.

Check out some of the highlights below:

  • Meghan Markle had suicidal thoughts while five-months pregnant. When she asked for help, "The Firm" would not allow her to seek treatment because it would reflect poorly on the Royals.
  • The Royals “silenced” Meghan, who followed instructions because she was told they would “protect” her. They did not. The betrayal was evident shortly after the wedding. British tabloids reported Meghan made Kate Middleton cry. Meghan said the exact opposite was true.
  • An unnamed family member expressed their racist concern to Harry that his son, Archie, might be born with “dark skin.”
  • Harry and Meghan eloped, with the assistance of the Archbishop of Canterbury, three days before their worldwide televised wedding at St. George's Chapel on Windsor Castle.
  • Royal Family staff holds many personal possessions, including keys, drivers license and passport.
  • Prince Harry is wealthy from the estate of Princess Diana. At a very young age, he was left around $20 million.

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