South Florida Residents Find Toy Ship Sent To Sea By Brothers In Scotland

Would you say you had a fun childhood? These two brothers definitely are having a blast in Scotland...

Meet Ollie and Harry Ferguson. The brothers, who live Scotland, have decided to take eon 500 adventures with the help from their (cool) parents. So far, they've made an igloo, sent Legos out to space, and even sent a toy boat out to sea and tracked it... matter of fact, it landed here in our backyard!

If you take a look at the brothers' official website for the Adventure 2, their toy boat, you'll notice the little thing is currently here in North Miami! The family that has it are reportedly Ulises and Ellie Alvarez, and they intend to send the boat back out to sea soon as the weather allows!

Check out the boys' story from when they sent the first Adventure out to sea:

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