Beyoncé Storage Burglarized For Over $1M Worth Of Goods, Plus SNL Skit

Woowww... the nerve of some people!

Beyoncé's storage units in Los Angeles were burglarized and over $1 Million worth in handbags, toys, and dresses was taken. Reportedly, photos that belonged to Queen Bey's stylist were also taken. The thieves hit the same spot twice, as a matter of fact. The LAPD is investigating though no arrest has been made.

We're sure the #BeyHive will solve the case before real-life officials, LOL... that's just how hardcore her fanbase is, lol.

Btw, did you check out the skit they did on the "Single Ladies" singer on Saturday Night Live? It's what Maya Rudolph imagined Bey would behave like if she was on "Hot Ones," the interview show where celebs get candid while eating spicccyyyyyyy wings.

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