Cardi B Promises To Release Sophomore Studio Album By End Of Year

Cardi B fans, hope you're ready for a great year!

The "I Like It" rapper recently had a photoshoot and interview with XXL and revealed that last year's pandemic brought her motivation to complete her sophomore studio album to a screeching halt. But the recent success she's seen with singles such as "Up" have fueled her fire again. She said:

“I feel like the whole COVID thing discouraged me to put out my album.”

“Now that I keep putting out my singles, I keep saying like: ‘Damn. I have no choice but to put out my album this year.'”

“I need one week of making sure I handle all my business, making sure everything is good, And then, I’m going away for a very long time to finish my album.”

You ready for more Bardi?

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