Usher Sources Reveal Strippers Were Paid Real Money, Not Funny Money

Usher is innocent! LOL.

A young lady on Instagram recently posted pics of 3 fake Usher "dollars" – one of each, 100.00, 20.00, and 1.00 – and asked her following what they'd do if they danced all night for the "OMG" singer and were paid exclusively with these bills. (They obviously have no monetary value, especially with Usher's face plastered all over them, LOL!)

She then called for his prompt cancellation, and well, needless to say since we're talking Usher, the Internet took it and ran with it.

But TMZ is now reporting that the dancers in Sapphire Las Vegas were paid in REAL money, and that the "Usher Bucks" were just a joke and a way to promote his residency.

Good to know Ush isn't a complete douche, and that we can expect him live on-stage soon! We got some great memes out of this situation though, LOL!

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