Lil Jon Teams Up With HGTV For Over-The-Top Home Improvement Show

Lil Jon wants to do... WHAAAAAATTT????!!!

(Yeeeahhhhh! Lol.)

No, but seriously, that's the title of the mega-producer's next TV show. He'll be joining expert designer Anitra Mecadon this summer on HGTV featuring lavish, extreme home improvements in the Atlanta area. Lil Jon said, “I love walking into someone’s house and turning it upside down. When people hear my name, they automatically think…fun! That same energy goes for my designs as well. I don’t love following design trends -- I would rather be the trendsetter.”

The press release went into detail:

“With ideas ranging from removing a ceiling to expand the height of the living room to accommodate huge new windows to gutting the basement to add a fully decked-out speakeasy for entertaining, Lil Jon and Anitra push homeowners out of their comfort zones with ingenious renovations and ideas that are sure to inspire daring and dramatic transformations.”

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