'Loki' Hits Record High Viewership For Disney+

Photo: Disney+

On Wednesday (June 9) Loki made its debut on Disney+. The show follows the fan-favorite God of Mischief as he's taken in by the Time Variance Agency following the events of Avengers: End Game.

According to a new report from SambaTV, Loki is a massive hit for the streaming platform. The latest outing from Marvel brought in a massive viewership of 890,000 from U.S. households. This makes the first episode of Loki the "largest US premier-day audience for any of Marvel’s Disney+ shows.”

Loki is the third Marvel series to stream on Disney+. It was preceded by The Falcon & The Winter Solider, which drew in 759,000 viewers with its premiere, and WandaVision, which kicked off with 655,000 viewers. “Clearly, the growing number of household tuning in on day 1 proves that the Marvel Disney+ series are growing in momentum,” SambaTV's report reads.

Not only did Loki beat out the premieres of its fellow Marvel properties, but it also brought in higher viewership than the premiere of Cruella on the streaming platform. Cruella, however, was only available to subscribers for an additional $29.99.

Did you tune in to the first episode of Loki?

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